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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Meet me at the Copa Room.

This time around, we're wrapping up session history for the year and sharing listener email.

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Shownotes and Links

  • Diana Krall digs this album.
  • Wikipedia Entry
  • Clips: The Shadow Of Your Smile, One For My Baby (Sirius Only), One O'Clock Jump (Podcast Only)
Bob's Master Index

Sonny King
Five Hundy By Midnight

Tony Anello's Blog

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Radio Spirits

Here's another source for Old Time Radio shows.

Radio Spirits

They have exclusive license to a lot of their material, and a very extensive catalog.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Family Style and January Sessions

We're back on our (more or less) regular schedule of a Podcast toward the end of each week with the Podshow Edition on Sirius the following Wednesday.

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Shownotes and Links
(Podcast January 20th, Sirius Broadcast January 25th)

Sugar Town (Sugar - Nancy Sinatra)
iTunes Link
Amazon Link

Frank Sinatra, Jr. at the Seminole Hard Rock (Review by Edward Blanco)

Nancy on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (As I Remember It - Frank Sinatra, Jr.)

Look At Me Now (Frank Sinatra & the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra)

The songs recorded during the "Bluebird Sessions" are also available on the Frank Sinatra & the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra Box Set.

You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me (Songs For Swingin' Lovers)

Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim)

Full music clips are included in the Sirius Satellite Broadcast while they are omitted or abbreviated in the Podcast version.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

It's the Martin and Lewis Show!

On January 18th, 1952 Frank Sinatra was the guest on NBC Radio's Martin and Lewis Show. Fortunately, many of the shows from the golden age of radio survive to this day, and are in the public domain. This Podcast includes clips from that evening's show, on the anniversary of its original broadcast.

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Links For This Show

Memories Are Made Of This - Deana Martin

Dean and Me
- Jerry Lewis

Dean Martin Fan Center

Jerry Lewis Comedy Museum and Store

Old-Time Radio

Full music clips are included in the Sirius Satellite Broadcast while they are omitted or abbreviated in the Podcast version. Though the music from this show is in the public domain and would be legally available for Podcast in its entirety, I prefer not to redistribute it via MP3. I encourage you to purchase and enjoy legal, authorized music and merchandise.

"I've Got A Crush On You"
is available on the following Frank Sinatra Albums.

Best of the Columbia Years '42 to '53

Nice 'N' Easy

Sinatra at the Sands


"The Little White Cloud That Cried" (Sirius Broadcast Only) by Dean Martin -- I couldn't find this song in the discography sources for Dean. If anyone knows where it's available, please shoot me an email and I'll share the information.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Welcome to New Visitors

Welcome to those of you who found this site from the link at Sinatrafamily.com!

This Weblog is home to "The Frank Truth" an audio program celebrating the life and career of the Entertainer of the 20th Century.

The show is available by Podcast, and can also be heard on Wednesday evenings at 9 PM (US Eastern Time) on Sirius Satellite Radio Stars 103.

To listen to our latest show click on the following link.


You'll find earlier shows in our archives (links on the lower right of the page).

You can also subscribe to the show via RSS. There are links to the upper right for that.

I welcome your questions and your feedback by email to frankfeedback@gmail.com.

Cent' Anni!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Show Schedule

I'm seeing a lot of traffic to the site today, and wondering if folks are visiting looking for a new show, since it had been my practice to release new material toward the weekend throughout 2005.

Just to let you know what's going on, the next show will come out first of next week, and it's actually a "simulcast" from one of my other feeds, with "Podsafe Cocktail Music." It's probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I hope you'll enjoy it and then we'll have another new Frank Truth out the following week, and I think it will knock you out! I don't want to give away too much of the surprise at this point, but let's just say it has something to do with another famous Italian-American crooner and his zany Partner.

I'm hoping after that show to get back on a (more or less) regular schedule of releasing new Frank Truth shows by Podcast toward the end of each week, and then the same show being broadcast (sometimes in an extended form with entire songs included) on Sirius Stars 103 the following Wednesday evening.

In the meantime, browse the archives for older shows if you haven't heard them yet, and follow the links on this site to other Websites and Podcasts of interest. There's a lot of really brilliant audio out there.

I'm also hoping to develop a mechanism of some sort in the coming months so that we can all keep in touch with each other between shows and create our own little corner of Frank's World here on God's Grand Grid. It might be a forum or somesuch...haven't really settled on the nuts and bolts yet, but there are a lot of people with great ideas and interests and I'd like a chance for us to interact more, though I'm hesitant to use the word "community" since that word has become almost meaningless from overuse these days.

Well, as usual I'm babbling now, so I'll stop. Sleep warm and we'll have new stuff coming soon.

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Cent' Anni!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Podsafe Cocktail Show

This week, we're on break from the Frank Truth show to bring you the first of our Podsafe Cocktail Music experiments from the Studio C Podcast. We'll be back next week with the Frank Truth (and a very special treat) so stay subscribed.

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Support these Podsafe artists featured on the show.

Simpatico - Oaxaca

The Lascivious Biddies - Famous

This Spy Surfs - Spectre Swing

Voodoo Suite - Voodoo

Jimmie Bratcher - Restless For The Sun

George Hrab - Irk

Visit the Podsafe Music Network.

Visit Java's Bachelor Pad!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sinatra On The Web

Our first show of the new year highlights my favorite Sinatra Websites.

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Email Feedback - Tivo has Podcasts, and we now have an "advisory board."

Tour of Sinatra Family Website

Discography Website

Song Clips:

Violets For Your Furs (Songs For Young Lovers)

Without A Song (Sinatra and Dorsey)

Street Of Dreams (As I Remember It - Frank Sinatra, Jr.)

Angel Eyes (Only The Lonely)

Short clips are included in the Podcast version of the show since we have to stay legal under fair use of copyrighted material. Full versions of the songs are included in the broadcast version for Podshow on Sirius Stars 103. I would encourage you to purchase legal, authorized products.