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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Satellite Window Has Closed

Since October of 2005 The Frank Truth has aired nationally Wednesday evenings on Sirius Satellite Radio as part of Adam Curry's PodShow on the Stars Channel. As it turns out, our broadcast of show #70 on April 11th was the last.

In an email to all of the producers in the lineup, Richard Brewer-Hay of PodShow wrote the following.
Our relationship with Sirius was exclusive and, although very positive for the past two years, has become less productive for both parties. At the same time, new opportunities are coming that are more core to our progress. We have therefore terminated our exclusive relationship with Sirius and have begun to review a variety of options.
The challenge of producing a quality show every week for national broadcast helped me grow and improve as a writer, producer and host. I'm thankful for the experience.

I also agree that it's probably beneficial for all of us at this point to move on to new projects and new markets.

The Frank Truth will continue to evolve as a Podcast in the wake of our leaving Sirius. I may take a break for a few weeks to consider what direction to next take the show. Your feedback, as always, is welcome.


Cent' Anni!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Show #70: Rocky Fortune "The Pearl Smugglers"

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From October 1953 through mid-1954 Frank Sinatra starred as "Rocky Fortune" on NBC Radio. This time around we've got the very first episode of this Old Time Radio classic.

Here are some links of interest.

Rocky Fortune Thread at Sinatra Family Website

The Rocky Fortune page at Thrilling Detective

Episode Log at OTR Site

Series Sample Script

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Show #69: Songs By Sinatra 1945 Broadcast

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Originally Broadcast on the CBS Radio Network in October of 1945, this time we're listening to excerpts from "Songs By Sinatra" - Frank Sinatra's Radio Show, which was sponsored by Old Gold. On that particular Wednesday evening, Sinatra's guests were Soprano Lillian Romandi and the King Cole Trio. The orchestra was conducted by Axel Stordahl, and the Pied Pipers were also on hand. Though the quality of the recording leaves something to be desired (not having been intended to survive past the initial broadcast), these old shows give us insight into the music and culture of one of the most amazing periods of American history.

  • Night and Day (Opening Theme)
  • One More Dream And She's Mine
  • Come To Baby Do (The Pied Pipers)
  • Nancy With The Laughing Face
  • Frim Fram Sauce (Nat King Cole)
  • Lover Come Back To Me (duet with Lillian Romandi)
  • I Found A New Baby (with the King Cole Trio)
  • Put Your Dreams Away (Closing Theme)
This show was licensed by BMI and ASCAP. The excerpts presented in this episode are from a work in the Public Domain. We encourage you to purchase and enjoy legally distributed music.