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Monday, January 16, 2006

It's the Martin and Lewis Show!

On January 18th, 1952 Frank Sinatra was the guest on NBC Radio's Martin and Lewis Show. Fortunately, many of the shows from the golden age of radio survive to this day, and are in the public domain. This Podcast includes clips from that evening's show, on the anniversary of its original broadcast.

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Links For This Show

Memories Are Made Of This - Deana Martin

Dean and Me
- Jerry Lewis

Dean Martin Fan Center

Jerry Lewis Comedy Museum and Store

Old-Time Radio

Full music clips are included in the Sirius Satellite Broadcast while they are omitted or abbreviated in the Podcast version. Though the music from this show is in the public domain and would be legally available for Podcast in its entirety, I prefer not to redistribute it via MP3. I encourage you to purchase and enjoy legal, authorized music and merchandise.

"I've Got A Crush On You"
is available on the following Frank Sinatra Albums.

Best of the Columbia Years '42 to '53

Nice 'N' Easy

Sinatra at the Sands


"The Little White Cloud That Cried" (Sirius Broadcast Only) by Dean Martin -- I couldn't find this song in the discography sources for Dean. If anyone knows where it's available, please shoot me an email and I'll share the information.


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