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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Sinatra Songbook Returns

I received an exciting email this morning. This program is what The Frank Truth wanted to be. Do not miss it.

Subject: Sinatra Songbook Returns to the air 

...at least for one week.

Hope this finds you happy and in good health.  Let me bring you up to date.

You won't be surprised to learn that creating "The Sinatra Songbook" was an absolute labor of love.  And, I am proud to say, that listeners from coast to coast loved what we were doing.  So, why, you may wonder, did we stop doing the series.  Two reasons.

First, as the impact of the financial meltdown was being felt, funding for the project simply dried-up.  On the commercial radio side, radio programmers, concluding that the audience for this kind of music no longer existed, effectively rendered the art form extinct.  Most frustrating.

In the last few weeks, the folks at Metromedia Radio reached-out, asking if I would be interested in bringing "The Sinatra Songbook" back.  We agreed to give it a try. 

Metromedia Radio, a fabulous music service that specializes in preserving the American Popular Songbook is one of many Live365 online radio stations.

Among the most satisfying "Songbook" hours we created focused on the Sinatra-Watertown project.  That hour will air this Saturday, May 26th at 6pm, Eastern time, on line, at the following Live 365 web link - http://www.live365.com/index.live

When you get there, type Metromedia Radio in the website search box.  Check it out now, if you like.  They're playing the kind of music we love.

Anyhow, if the feedback's enthusiastic, Metromedia Radio may distribute original and new "Sinatra Songbook" hours to stations on the radio dial and on the web.

So please check us out this weekend, again at 6pm Eastern time.  Of course, we'd love your feedback.

Thanks, in advance, for listening.

Mark Sudock
The Sinatra Songbook.


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