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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Sinatra: Dance With Me" Opening Night

Although it happened back in December, I thought you might enjoy these photos from the opening night party for Sinatra: Dance With Me in Las Vegas.

Nancy Sinatra posted the link from Las Vegas Weekly on her Twitter feed earlier this week.

Check out the cupcakes!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just want to say I have been enjoying downloading past podcasts of the FT and listen to them on my daily walks and my long commutes to work. Thank you so much for your work of love. I am a long time fan of FS but only recently collecting a large CD collection of his albums, then ripping them into my iPod so I can listen to them. I welcome recent remastering jobs of his CDs because now the sound is much more enjoyable than the crappy outputs in the 1990's (read Bob Norberg 1990's Capitol mastering jobs and early Reprise releases).

Anyway, I watched the Dance With Me show at the Wynn Resort last month. I thought it was just very tiring with the LOUD and POOR QUALITY (metallic, edgy, not warm) SOUND of the music just blasting thru the entire show plus the exhaustive dancing. It was just too much. I would have enjoyed the show more with some injections of slow and melancholy pieces between the wild dancing. I think a mix like that would better represent Frank Sinatra's musical style thru the years.

Keep up the good work.

7:26 PM  

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