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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Episode 131: Rocky Fortune and the Football Fix

This time around on The Frank Truth Sinatra Podcast, we've got another edition of Frank Sinatra's 1950s crime drama Rocky Fortune. From an NBC Radio Network broadcast of February 2nd, 1954, it's "The Football Fix."

We've also got some songs from Steve D'Agostino's new album A Chapter From The Great American Songbook.

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Shownotes and Links

To Be Perfectly Frank (Sinatra Family Forums Thread)

Steve D'Agostino

Steve's Schedule

Bennett Studios

Pete Karam

From Studio C

1940s Politics Article

Las Vegas Walk of Stars

Music Clips

Call Me - The New Classic Singers (from Ultra-Lounge Volume 8: Cocktail Capers)

Beyond The Sea - Steve D'Agostino (from A Chapter From The Great American Songbook)

My Kind Of Girl - Steve D'Agostino (from A Chapter From The Great American Songbook)

Sponsors and Licensing

This podcast episode was licensed by BMI and ASCAP. Some song clips are excerpted to comply with fair use. We encourage you to purchase and enjoy legally distributed music.

Our Opening Theme is Here's That Swing Thing by Pat Longo (from the album Billy May For President) used by permission.


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