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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oscar and David

A whole bunch of my new media pals were out in the middle of the desert over the past week for a blogging conference or some such. Fortunately, they all seem to have survived the journey.

Dave Lifton was kind enough to send me this photo of Frank Sinatra's Oscar statue, won for his performance in From Here To Eternity in 1953. It's on display at the restaurant that bears his name.

The photo in the case depicts Sinatra and Donna Reed, who also won that night for her role in the same film.

Who needs Vegas anyway? I'm doing fine on a steady diet of Dewars and sour grapes.



Anonymous Jim Faunce said...

Brian, I want to thank you for all your work on your sites but especially "The Frank Truth".
I'm sitting here at 2:32 am looking at my recording of "Sinatra at Carnegie Hall" and enjoying Frank's mastery.
I've been a fan of Frank since '65 and was lucky to see him live 3 times.
Once again, thanks for keeping him alive!

4:35 AM  

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