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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sinatra Movies on TCM Friday

Turner Classic Movies has got a nice lineup of Sinatra Movies on Friday, December 12th in honor of Frank Sinatra's Birthday beginning at 6:45 AM Eastern.

6:45 AM - Higher and Higher
8:30 AM - Step Lively
10:15 AM - Kissing Bandit
12:00 Noon - Double Dynamite
1:30 PM - Tender Trap
3:30 PM - Meet Me in Las Vegas (cameo appearance)
5:45 PM - Never So Few

Also, if you're up in the wee small hours, why not join us in a toast to Frank Sinatra at "a quarter to three" (Eastern Time) Friday morning? You'll need to register at SinatraFamily.com ahead of time.



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