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Friday, August 01, 2008

Sinatra Videos

For the first couple of years it was rare to find video here on The Frank Truth Sinatra Weblog, but I've been working to include more video content as time goes by, both here on the Weblog and in the Podcast. Of course, it's crucial to comply with Copyright restrictions, so this limits the range of material available, especially for direct download from this site.

For those with portable video devices, video iPods, etc., I thought it would be nice to place all of the Frank Sinatra videos we've released to date in one post. If you right-click the following "Video" links you can save them for view on your computer or portable device. The "Post" links will take you to the original Blog entries, which include flash versions for viewing with your browser.

Video 1 - Bellagio Fountains - "Fly Me To The Moon" [Video] [Post]

Video 2 - Bellagio Fountains - "Luck Be A Lady" [Video] [Post]

Video 3 - "The House I Live In" [Video] [Post]

Video 4 - Miniseries Clip - "Meeting Ava" [Video] [Post]

Video 5 - Miniseries Clip - "Goin' Up" [Video] [Post]

You may need QuickTime or iTunes to view some of these files. For future videos, I'm standardizing to MP4 versions for wider compatibility. I hope to present more Frank Sinatra videos and clips here on the Website in the weeks to come, as well as video episodes of The Frank Truth.



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