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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sirius 75 Schedule

Here are the highlights for Siriusly Sinatra channel 75 for next Wednesday. I'll be splitting my listening time between these shows and my friend Steve Bauer's all day tribute.

To celebrate the issue of the new Frank Sinatra postage stamp, Siriusly Sinatra will honor Frank’s life and legacy with a full day of his greatest music and special shows featuring his daughter Nancy, his granddaughter AJ and his son, Frank Sinatra Jr. Also, listen for the Sinatra at the Sands recording from 1966 at 8 pm ET and a special program highlighting the new CD compilation, Nothing But The Best.

Nothing But The Best
Wed 5/14 11:00 am ET
There's a new CD of Frank’s music called Nothing But The Best and to celebrate its release, Siriusly Sinatra presents a 90-minute special with songs from the collection along with behind-the-scenes stories from the producers, musicians and others who worked on these recordings and the special versions that appear on the new disc.
Rebroadcast: Weds 5/14 6:00 pm ET.

Frank Sinatra Jr.
Wed 5/14 4:00 pm ET
Join Frank Sinatra, Jr. as he sings some of his father's great songs and offers his personal reminiscences, as Siriusly Sinatra presents As I Remember It.

Sinatra at the Sands
Wed 5/14 8:00 pm ET
Sinatra at the Sands was one of Frank's greatest performances. Accompanied by Quincy Jones conducting the Count Basie Orchestra, it included some of the greatest songs and arrangements of Frank's career and resulted in a landmark live album. Return to the early weeks of 1966 and hear this classic album in its entirety.


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