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Monday, May 19, 2008

Limited Time Offer For Listeners From GoDaddy

As I've mentioned on the program, I have more than a dozen Domain Names registered through GoDaddy. NOEBIE.COM is hosted there as well. I've had a lot of experience with various registrars since the mid-1990s, and after my first registration at GoDaddy I began moving all of my other Domains there. The pricing, service and performance simply can't be beat, so I was thrilled to welcome them as a sponsor to this program.

In addition to our standard codes, from now through June 15th, 2008, you can get 25% off any order of $100 or more at GoDaddy when you use checkout code Truth25. If you have multiple Domain Names up for renewal or are considering purchasing Web Hosting or other services, you can save big by using this code.

If your order doesn't add up to $100, you can still save with our other special offers. Visit http://webcodes.noebie.com for more information.

Remember that every order placed at GoDaddy using our codes helps to support this show. Thanks!


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