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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nothing But The Best

Sinatra: Nothing But The Best
As I mentioned awhile back on the Podcast, there are a lot of special commemorations coming in May as we observe the 10th anniversary of Frank Sinatra's passing. We'll continue to discuss these on the show and to share information here over the coming weeks.

As a part of the observance, on May 14th Reprise is releasing Sinatra: Nothing But The Best, a collection of 22 newly remastered classics. It's the ultimate selection of hits from Sinatra's Reprise years.

Our pal, Alexander, emailed in to say that he'd pre-ordered the album, and found that the first 500,000 copies will include a Limited Edition USPS First Day Issue Stamp with official cancellation. This is an incredible addition to any Sinatra fan's collection.

Click here for pre-order information at Amazon.

We'll hear Alexander's review of Frank Sinatra: A Voice In Time on the next show, and he also promised me a review of Nothing But The Best once it's released.


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