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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The House I Live In

Regular listeners to our program will no doubt recall many mentions of Frank Sinatra's short film The House I Live In, a call for ethnic and religious tolerance that won a special Academy Award in 1946. This film (written by Albert Maltz and produced by Frank Ross) stands in testimony to the highest ideals of the day - and sets an example for our time as well. Our country would be a better place if this film were part of the curriculum in every grade school, and today's entertainers could take a lesson both in civic responsibility and in courage from Frank Sinatra.

I was thrilled to find that the film is in the Public Domain and in the collection of the Internet Archive. I present it here in the hope that my children will one day live in a world where the acceptance of others, just as they are, is the rule rather than the exception.

Here's the MP4 for download.


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