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Friday, April 04, 2008

Episode 91: May Commemorations, A Voice In Time, Brian Setzer?

This time around on The Frank Truth Podcast, we've got some Jersey Boys follow-up, a review of Frank Sinatra: A Voice In Time, and some information on commemorations of the 10th anniversary of Frank Sinatra's passing.

Also, some great swingin' tunes from The Brian Setzer Orchestra.

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Shownotes and Links

Jersey Boys in Las Vegas

Erich Bergen

Jersey Boys Podcast Interview with Erich

Jersey Boys Podcast Tommy Devito Interview

Tommy Devito on Acoustic

Frank Sinatra: A Voice In Time

Sinatra: Nothing But The Best

Sinatra Family News Item on May Commemorations

Warner Brothers Press Release

Jazz Profiles Sinatra Episode

A Voice In Time Radio Special

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Song Clips
  • Wolfgang's Big Night Out - The Brian Setzer Orchestra
  • One More Night With You - The Brian Setzer Orchestra
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