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Monday, December 04, 2006


Over the past few months, I've been migrating my shows to PodShow Plus. What this means is that the media files are served by PodShow's high-performance delivery network, free-of-charge to me. In return for hosting and delivering the files, PodShow may include short promotional announcements at the beginning and end of each show. In the long run, I might also participate directly in promotions or commercial messages within the shows (although I have no immediate plans to do so).

So far, I've moved two of my shows (From Studio C and World News Mashup) and I'm very satisfied with the quality of service provided by the PodShow Podcast Delivery Network. I believe that the PDN will do an excellent job with The Frank Truth as well.

To this point, The Frank Truth (along with my other projects) have cost me considerable sums of money out of my own pocket. I'm not complaining. In fact, I've enjoyed every moment. Heading into the third year of the show, it just feels like the right time to make some changes which I believe will enhance the quality of the show and help it to find a larger audience.

I hope that these changes won't be too unsettling to long time listeners. There have been times that I've considered ceasing production of the show, but in each case an unexpected email of encouragement or a show idea would come in from one of you and I'd gain the inspiration to continue. This show has always been a labor of love, and will continue as such -- with or without commercial messages or sponsorship.

Other than the short promotional messages at the beginning and the end of each episode, there should be little noticable difference in how things work. The RSS feed address will remain the same, the iTunes listing will remain the same and I intend to maintain this Website as I have so far. If you subscribe to the show via RSS, you may notice some duplicate files showing up in your aggregator when I redirect the show's feed, and I apologize for any annoyance with file management or bandwidth drain. Once the migration is completed, there should be no further inconvenience.

Of course, I would encourage you to visit the show's page at PodShow Plus. I think there are a lot of features there that will enhance your enjoyment of the show, and facillitate interaction between us all.

As always, your ideas, suggestions and comments are welcome.

Cent' Anni!


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