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Monday, August 28, 2006

Frank Truth Visits The Bachelor Pad

This week on Sirius Stars Channel 102 Jason Croft sits in, bringing you the best in Lounge, Exotica, Private-Eye Jazz, big big Bongo beats and Bossa Nova heat. It's a very special Bachelor Pad Sampler for our Sirius listeners only. You can hear more from Jason at Java's Bachelor Pad on the Web. Shake a Martini and fire up the Hibachi! It's time to swing.

  • Esquivel—Mini Skirt (Theme Music)
  • Bob Thompson—Playboy
  • Henry Mancini—Mr Lucky (Goes Latin)
  • Mundell Lowe—Satan In High Heels
  • Martini Kings—Las Nuedas
  • Diana Dors—Roller Coaster Blues
  • Martin Denny—Congo Train
  • John Barry—Beat Girl (Closing Theme)


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