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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Show #47: Rest Easy, Sweet Prince

This week we commemorate an extraordinary life on the eighth anniversary of his passing.


Shownotes and Links
(Podcast of May 12th, 2006 - Sirius Broadcast of May 17th)

Please forgive my poor attempt to express my thoughts on this occasion. I hope that at least it will prompt you to spend some time with Frank Sinatra's music and movies over the coming days, and to reflect on his art and his life.

Here's last year's 3:43.

Here's the Wall Street Journal Article on Wee Small Hours mentioned in the show. Some of their sources suck, but an interesting perspective none the less and it reminded me of how much I love that album.

The music on this show is abbreviated in the Podcast version to comply with fair use of copyrighted material. We encourage you to purchase and enjoy legally distributed music.


Blogger Noebie said...

@david: an excellent point...the friedwald and granata books both document it extensively

i remember when i first realized that he was in charge like that -- hearing a clip from "sinatra in hollywood" where he and dino and sammy were doing a short bit for "robin and the seven hoods" -- it was amazing the flow between sinatra and nelson riddle...sinatra saying things like "a little brighter on the upbeat this time"

sinatra was also a first rate conductor

8:16 PM  

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