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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Show #41: Italian For Mutts

Here's the MP3 for Direct Download.


Shownotes and Links
Podcast of March 3rd, 2006 - Sirius Broadcast of March 8th.

We've moving to Channel 102 on March 15th.

Happy Birthday to James and Thomas!

I got a package from Donald.
Here's the track listing for That Face, the new Frank Sinatra, Jr. album, due out in April.
  • That Face
  • The Masquerade Is Over
  • Feeling Good
  • I Was A Fool
  • Spice
  • Girl Talk
  • Cry Me A River
  • What A Difference A Day Makes
  • You'll Never Know
  • Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
  • Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye
  • Walkin' Happy
  • The People You Never Get To Love

Paul helps with my pronunciation.

Jason Swank (from Standard Time) has a new Podcast about Bobby Darin.

The Lascivious Biddies are way cool.

Vote for this show at Podcast Alley.


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