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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Podsafe Cocktail Hour

If you listened to this week's Podcast, you heard a call for more Podsafe Swing, Big Band, Old-School Lounge, Exotica and Cocktail Music. I'm posting this link to Podshow's Podsafe Music Network. If you are an artist who plays any of these types of music I'd encourage you to upload some songs there. If you're a fan of an artist who plays them, please encourage them to check it out, or send me information on the artist and I'll contact them.

podsafe music network

I'm also opening this Weblog up for comments. Please feel free to post information, links, etc., as comments or to send me email about the subject. My goal is to have enough music listed to produce a regular Podsafe Cocktail Hour Podcast starting after the first of the year.


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